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Pizza Statistics and Trends 2024

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Did you know that on any given day, 1 out of every 8 Americans is sinking their teeth into a delicious slice of pizza?

That’s right; the love affair between Americans and pizza runs deep. And this isn’t just some half-baked statement. We’ve rolled up our sleeves, delved deep, and spent hours upon hours researching the latest pizza statistics to serve you a slice of the truth.

So, what can you expect in this appetizing article? Feast your eyes on the freshest stats about US pizza consumption, discover the dynamics of the pizza restaurant industry, and even unravel some cool numbers behind the frozen pizza market. Spoiler: There’s a lot more to pizza than just cheese and tomato sauce!

US Pizza Consumption Statistics

How much pizza do Americans really munch on?

  1. Every year, a mind-boggling 3 billion pizzas are devoured across the US. That’s almost 8 million pizzas a day!
  2. On any given day, 1 out of every 8 Americans – from the busy college student cramming for exams to the CEO after a long board meeting – is enjoying a pizza.
  3. Here’s a saucy little tidbit: Men are more likely to reach for that extra slice, outpacing women in their pizza consumption.
  4. The love Americans have for pizza weighs in heavily. An average American consumes a whopping 23 pounds of pizza annually.

So, what’s topping the charts in the US?

  • Pepperoni reigns supreme, closely followed by sausage, mushrooms, and bacon. A carnivore’s delight, isn’t it?
  • When it comes to the type, cheese-stretching, plain ol’ cheese pizza takes the cake. It’s the top pick, with meat lovers, veggie lovers, and the loaded supreme following suit.
  • Now, here’s where things get a bit…pineappley. The pineapple debate! In the topping world’s most heated controversy, 54% are team “pineapple belongs,” while the other 46% staunchly declare it pizza’s arch-nemesis.

Does every corner of the US devour pizza the same way?

  • Regional pizza pride! The Northeast region stands out, consuming the most pizza per capita. However, the Midwest, South, and West aren’t lagging too far behind.
  • Age is but a number, unless we’re talking pizza. Gen Z and Millennials lead the pizza pack, indulging more than their Gen X and Boomer counterparts.
  • Money might not buy happiness, but it sure can buy pizza! Higher income households have a higher tendency to order those delicious round delights compared to their lower income peers.

US Pizza Restaurant Statistics

  • Can you imagine a whopping 77,000 pizza joints spread across the country? Yep, that’s how massive the pizza landscape is in the US. This makes up a cheesy 17% of all restaurants here.
  • Let’s talk dough (and not just the pizza kind). The US pizza industry cooks up an astonishing $46 billion in annual sales. No wonder it’s seen as the ‘big cheese’ in the restaurant sector.
  • Slice it down further, and an average pizza restaurant marinates a revenue of about $525,000 annually. Ka-ching!

All pizzas aren’t baked equal, especially when we talk brands. Who leads the pizza parade?
Roll out the red carpet for these pizza giants:

  • Domino’s delivers more than just pizzas; it dominates the US market. With over 6,000 locations, it holds a robust 17% market share.
  • Chasing close is Pizza Hut, setting up the table with over 5,000 locations, claiming a 14% slice of the market pie.
  • And let’s not forget Little Caesars. It’s the emperor of over 4,000 spots, capturing a 9% market share.

Evolution and innovation; the pizza industry isn’t just about tossing dough in the air. What’s sizzling hot right now?
Here are some of the top trends:

  • Online ordering and swift deliveries are making our pizza cravings even harder to resist. We’re a tap away from cheesy bliss.
  • Domino’s is all about tech and taste. Their mobile app, rewards scheme, and a nifty tracker ensure you’re plugged into your order’s journey – from oven to doorstep.
  • Over at Pizza Hut, things are tech-tasty too. They’ve got digital menus, voice assistants, and (hold onto your pizza slice) self-driving delivery vehicles. The future is here and it’s delivering pizza.
  • Little Caesars is revolutionizing pick-ups. Their pizza portal, a genius contactless pickup system, lets you scan and grab your order from a toasty locker. No queues, just pizza.
  • Gone are the days when pizza was all about pepperoni. Specialty pizzas are the talk of the town. Craving gluten-free or vegan options? Domino’s has got you. Perhaps stuffed crusts or Beyond Meat delights? Swing by Pizza Hut. And for the adventurous, Little Caesars serves up thin crusts, cauliflower bases, and Impossible Meat toppings. Oh, the choices!

Frozen Pizza Statistics

Is fresh always best? Not when it comes to pizza, it seems!
Let’s dive deep into the frosty world of frozen pizzas:

  • Ever popped a frozen pizza into the oven and wondered about its journey to your freezer? You’re not alone! The US market for frozen pizzas is simmering at a value of over $5 billion in yearly sales. Now that’s a lot of pizza stashed away in freezers!
  • But hold onto your pizza cutter; this market isn’t just stable—it’s growing! From 2020 to 2025, the US frozen pizza scene is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 3.5%. Get ready to see more variety on those freezer shelves.

Brands, brands, brands! Who’s the kingpin in the frozen pizza kingdom?
Here’s the podium of pizza leaders:

  • Standing tall and proud at the top is DiGiorno, with sales sizzling at over $1 billion annually. With a crust that’s just right and toppings galore, they sure know their pizza.
  • Flying high with its delicious range is Red Baron, raking in a spicy $500 million plus in annual sales.
  • And, laying claim to the third spot, Tombstone with sales chilling at over $300 million annually. With a legacy of taste, they’ve carved out a niche for themselves.

But what drives people to choose frozen over fresh?
Let’s take a peek into the freezer of the frozen pizza consumer:

  • First, picture this: younger, likely male, perhaps single, and probably living in the hustle and bustle of a city. That’s the typical frozen pizza enthusiast for you.
  • What’s the allure? It boils down to a blend of convenience, affordability, variety, and quality. With busy lives, sometimes a quick fix in the form of a delicious frozen pizza is just what the day needs.
  • Here’s a fun tidbit: Most of these frozen pizza aficionados munch on these as a snack or a meal substitute instead of a full-course meal. Because, why wait for dinner when you can have pizza right now?


So, what have we discovered on our cheesy journey through the world of pizza statistics?

For starters, America’s passion for pizza is undeniable. From the millions sold annually to the variety enjoyed—whether it’s from a restaurant or our very own freezer—the U.S. holds a torch (or should we say pizza oven flame?) for this iconic dish.

The sprawling landscape of pizza restaurants, from big players like Domino’s and Pizza Hut to the local mom-and-pop joints, only goes to show how deeply ingrained this delicacy is in our culture. And let’s not forget the frozen pizza domain: an empire in its own right, allowing us to enjoy a slice or two from the comfort of our homes, at our own pace.

But beyond the numbers and mouth-watering stats, there’s a story to be told. Pizza isn’t just food; it’s an experience, a memory, a universal language of sorts. Whether you’re a pepperoni fanatic or swear by the controversial pineapple, there’s a slice out there for everyone.

FAQs – Pizza Statistics

How many pizzas are sold in the U.S. every year?

An estimated 3 billion pizzas are sold annually.

What’s America’s favorite pizza topping?

Pepperoni takes the crown as the most beloved pizza topping, closely followed by sausage, mushrooms, and bacon.

Is the pineapple pizza debate settled?

The debate rages on! 54% of Americans say they enjoy pineapple on their pizza, while 46% would rather pass.

How big is the frozen pizza market in the U.S.?

The US frozen pizza market is valued at over $5 billion in annual sales.

Who are the giants in the pizza restaurant landscape?

Domino’s leads the charge with over 6,000 locations in the U.S., followed by Pizza Hut and then Little Caesars.

Are there any innovations in the pizza delivery realm?

Absolutely! From Pizza Hut’s self-driving delivery vehicles to Little Caesars’ contactless pizza portal, the future of pizza delivery is sizzling with innovation.

Which region in the U.S. consumes the most pizza?

The Northeast region can’t resist a good slice, consuming the most pizza per capita.

Do younger generations eat more pizza than the older ones?

Yes, Gen Z and Millennials tend to enjoy more pizza compared to Gen X and Boomers.

What do frozen pizza consumers prioritize when picking their pie?

These pizza lovers value convenience, affordability, variety, and, of course, taste!

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