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About Pizza Preacher

Welcome to Pizza Preacher, your definitive destination for all things pizza. Born from a genuine love for authentic Neapolitan pizza and the warmth they bring, our primary goal is to offer thorough reviews of home pizza ovens, top-tier pizza accessories, delicious recipes, and a wealth of knowledge about the world of pizza. Dive in to discover our journey, spearheaded by our founder Danny Wood, as we embark on a mission to spread the word about perfecting the pizza-making craft right from your home.

Our Objective

At Pizza Preacher, our mission is clear. We aspire to be your trusted guide in the realm of home pizza-making. Understanding the surge in passion for crafting pizzas at home, we recognize the need for accurate and reliable information. To that end, we meticulously curate and provide:

  • Home Pizza Oven Reviews: Our team rigorously researches, tests and evaluates a plethora of home pizza ovens, ensuring that you have comprehensive insights to make informed choices.
  • Pizza Accessories: Beyond just the oven, the perfect pizza requires the right tools. We bring you reviews and recommendations on top-notch accessories essential for your pizza-making journey.
  • Delectable Pizza Recipes: From the classic Margherita to innovative gourmet concoctions, our recipes cater to varied tastes and skill levels, ensuring you never run out of inspiration.
  • General Pizza Information: Whether it’s understanding the science behind a crispy crust or the history of pizza, our reservoir of knowledge is vast and ever-growing.

Our overarching aim is to empower you with the knowledge and tools required to elevate your pizza-making experience, turning every slice into a masterpiece.

Our Story

Every great endeavor has its origins, and for Pizza Preacher, it began with the zest and enthusiasm of Danny Wood. As a teenager, Danny wasn’t just flipping pizza slices onto plates; he was immersing himself in the art and culture of pizzerias. This early exposure was more than just a job; it sowed the seeds of a lifelong passion.

His love for the craft evolved over the years, leading him to explore the intricacies of making authentic Neapolitan pizza. With the advent of affordable home pizza ovens, Danny found a way to bring this traditional experience into households, including his own. His first tryst with homemade pizza began with the Ooni Fyra, a gateway that opened up a whole new world of flavors and techniques for him.

But for Danny, pizza-making wasn’t a solitary joy. Recognizing the burgeoning interest in home pizza-making, he saw an opportunity—a gap in the market for genuine, earnest guidance. This was the genesis of Pizza Preacher. Fuelled by Danny’s fervor for pizza and his desire to share his vast knowledge, Pizza Preacher was envisioned as a beacon for budding pizza enthusiasts worldwide, offering them valuable insights, guidance, and camaraderie in their pizza-making journey.

Who We Are

Danny Wood

As the Editor-in-Chief of Pizza Preacher, Danny Wood is the heart and soul of our platform. His pizza-making journey, which began with his very first home pizza oven, the Ooni Fyra, mirrors the evolution of the modern pizza enthusiast.

Jeff Peters

With over 15 years steeped in the world of pizza, Jeff Peters brings a wealth of knowledge to the Pizza Preacher team. Jeff’s insights and expertise ensure that Pizza Preacher remains at the forefront of pizza trends, techniques, and traditions.